Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 04 2022

Nutree is the leader in wholesale purchasing!

We are incredibly happy to see your luxurious hair after trying our products. This means that you appreciate our work and encourage us to become better haircare brand each new day!

You know what?! DSN (Drug Store News) magazine has called Bottox Expert to be a leader in wholesale purchasing, woohoo! It means that our product has received the highest positive hair buyer interaction score within the haircare category. This score represents a combination of buyer views, messages, saves, sample requests and purchases of the product!

Nutree Bottox Expert

Link: (p. 42-43)

Here’s what DSN magazine wrote: Nutree's Hair Bottox Thermal Mask is for all hair types and colors. The Brazilian Bottox Expert Thermal Mask is designed to enhance the smoothness, thickness and shine of hair, making it easily manageable. It also regenerates extremely damaged hair by daily aggression and is recommended for weak, dyed and chemically treated hair. The masks are available for hair of any color.