Nutree Cosmetics - Nov 18 2022

Nutree supports the trend of 2023 - sustainability! We love and protect nature

Sustainable way of life is a conscious choice of cruelty-free living in harmony with nature, its flora, and fauna. Such an approach excludes the exploitation of animals for any possible purposes, like food, clothes, cosmetics, and seeks better alternatives that will suit both human and environmental needs.

We want to remind you that our products are 100% vegan, they aren’t tested in animals. Besides, our packaging is 100% recyclable, so think about it before throwing an empty jar in a trash can!

Besides, we have even developed a special vegan product line! Vegan Care is a safe and natural collection, as it’s paraben/sulphate/phthalate/cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Vegan line includes Vegan Keratin, Vegan Mask, and Vegan Home Care (shampoo + conditioner). The products are suitable for all hair types.

Nutree Vegan Care

  • Vegan Keratin was developed with Go Green technology through the advanced extraction technique. This treatment enhances the uniformity of the cuticular surface, providing conditioning treatment and hair sealing.
  • Vegan Mask provides highly moisturizing action, making the locks shiny and healthy. Besides, Vegan Mask extends the smooth effect for a longer time.
  • Vegan Home Care provides gentle scalp cleansing and restores locks without damage to nature.