We have already told you so much about our products and haircare in general that today decided to make up not just another article but a unique challenge called #NutreeGrow which will allow you to restore even severely damaged hair! You’ll only need to follow several steps to completely transform your locks and revive them.

The only thing you’ll need is Nutree Length Extender Hair Mask which is the original growth-boosting intensive treatment. If you do everything right, you’ll change both the length and condition of your hair just in 3 months!

Of course, you won’t be alone. Many famous bloggers and media influencers  such as Eva Jarit, Alejandra Divo, Faddya Halabi Anahys Ramos will join this journey to better hair! We encourage you to share your results, use #NutreeGrow hashtag and tag our accounts in all social media. Let’s make our locks beautiful together! Here are the key steps

 1. Use the mask several times a week on a regular basis. If you have severely damaged and split hair ends, use Length Extender Hair Mask at least 3-4 times a week

 2. Give up hairdryer and heat styling devices. This will allow your hair to restore and rest from constant heat. Just wake up one hour earlier than usual and do your chores while your hair is getting dried naturally. You’ll notice the difference, trust us

 3. Don’t rub or squeeze your hair with a towel. By the way, choose the right one — it should be soft and have short pile.

 4. Don’t go to bed with wet hair. The thing is that due to the friction against your pillowcase, your wet hair ends just split. Besides, in the morning, you wake up with creased and tangled hair that can only be fixed with the help of heat devices

 5. Take vitamins. Don’t forget to take necessary supplements during the challenge! The most important vitamins for hair are B, A, E, and C. 

Follow all these simple steps and you’ll see the amazing results. Don’t forget to share your journey on social media! 


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