Check the complaint is reasoned

According to director of Polish Nail and Beauty in Aberdeen, Sammy MacDonald “Not every complaint is viable and it’s important to know when someone is playing the system”. So the first thing which you should do is to see the quality of work yourself. If you see the complaint is unjustified, it’s recommended to clarify in greater detail the processes and expected outcome of the treatment so that your customer can figure out what was supposed to happen. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s better to correct the situation for the complaint not to become acuter. In the opinion of Belinda Price, owner of NailSpa in Huddersfield, managers are supposed to put the treatment right in order to cover themselves.

Be patient and listen

In the view of Tima Reshad, owner of Coco Nail Bar in London, it’s important to be patient and keep listening, when a customer gets angry. The explanation for that is obvious. People want to be heard, especially if something bad happens. They should see that their point of view is understood. Besides, to quote spa director at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London, Helena Field, “Listening and giving your undivided attention to the guest goes a long way already in solving the issue.” According to her, it’s advisable to take the customer to a comfortable place, that is far from other guests and staff and discuss the matter in a calm atmosphere. It will help you reduce opposition and embarrassment.

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