You come to the salon hoping to dye your hair, for example, from light brown to a light blonde shade, and when the stylist removes the towel from your head, you see a stranger with orange bangs in the mirror! What should you do in such a situation? Keep on reading and find it out!
The result of hair dyeing largely depends on a competent consultation. A colorist can predict what will happen to your hair if, like a doctor, he has the entire history of your hair (for example, information about the latest hair dyeings and haircuts). Feel free to ask questions about the consequences of what the hairstylist offers you. If you have natural hair, be as twice attentive: damaged bleached hair will be the most disappointing result ever!
It often happens that the hairstylists forget to warn the client about the effect that can be obtained after re-dying hair from dark shades to natural light shades. The very principle of lightening (bleaching) in all cases entails an unwanted warm tone. It’s very important to consider this fact.
The first option for resolving the situation peacefully (if the salon where the hair dyeing was performed appreciates its customers and cares about its reputation) is und following. You will be offered to correct the situation, the hairstylist will either re-dye your hair or the salon will return the money. The salon can also offer bonuses in the form of a free haircut or hair styling, that is, a free service on account of compensation for hair damage.
The second option is conflicting when your arguments are not heard, and the salon staff is rude. You need to write an appeal in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions, to which the salon is obliged to respond, otherwise, it will become a matter of administrative responsibility. You can also go to court, asking questions about a poor-quality service, reimbursement of its cost, reimbursement of costs that you incurred to correct a poor-quality service and compensation for legal costs and moral damage.

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