It’s not that easy to keep customers coming back for another keratin treatment or hair botox treatment, for example. There are so many beauty salons around, each of which has its tempting offers and even discounts! How can you keep your customers coming back exactly to your salon? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Offer personalized events based on festive occasions of your customers.
For example, make notes not just about your client’s birthday but for some other events of him like parties, friend’s wedding. On these occasions clients want their hair to be silky and shiny!
2. Offer on-the-spot discounts
Do you have some spare time between the two appointments? Announce it on your Instagram stories! The first woman who will reply and book this time wins a 15% discount at any procedure that you’ll be able to perform considering the amount of time!
3. Show your clients that you keep up with the latest trends
Let your clients understand that your salon will be the ultimate ambassador of everything new! Tell them about your new products and services personally, include these notes in the newsletter, feature novelties on Instagram!
4. Let your clients easily book an appointment
Sometimes clients realize that they forgot about booking their appointment, so they have to make it on the spot without visiting your website. Provide an opportunity for online booking that will be supported by mobile phones!

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