Setting targets is very important when it comes to business, as this process will help you to achieve new goals, increase your salon's popularity and revenue. However, many salon owners are at loss when it comes to planning their next business steps. Keep on reading this article and find out how to set realistic and achievable goals!
First of all, calculate your current expenses and outgoings. The best option is to know how much it costs to run your salon. Divide your outgoings according to their character: rent, staff wages, bills...
Make sure that your staff is well-informed about any decision of yours. After all, your workers are your main driving force that will help to achieve any goal. Offering your team members a nice reward is a great idea. You can help them achieve their personal goals, develop themselves as professionals. It will be quite a mutual growth, do you understand what we’re driving at?
Set targets for:
- The number of clients your stylists have to work with every day;
- The number of retail products your stylists should sell to those clients.

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