Of course, every woman wants to have strong and beautiful hair without dead hair ends. How to make hair silky? Well, let’s start from the basics, that is shampoo and a mask. Check out this article and find out what ingredients should contain high-quality shampoos and masks that will help your hair grow!
Hair growth shampoos
Shampoos are divided into strengthening, stimulating, and activating. Stimulating shampoos provide effect on the hair follicles, activating ones – straight on the hair follicles and on the hair roots, while their basic purpose is to literally awake follicles. The strengthening shampoos warm up the scalp (doing it very gently) and prevent hair loss.
Shampoos for hair growth contain tea tree oil, hops, horse chestnut, sulfur, collagen, keratin, proteins, pepper, nicotinic or folic acid, vitamins A, B, H, F, E. Many of these shampoos can be used daily thanks to balanced and gentle formulas. For example, the revitalizing shampoo 12 SECOND MIRACLE from MARC ANTHONY is suitable for daily use. It works according to the complex principle "cleansing, smoothing, hair growth stimulation." In general, many of the brand's products work to prevent hair problems.
Hair growth masks
Hair growth masks restore hair strength and shine. We have already written about the benefits of masks and their types in the previous articles. The optimal frequency of using this type of hair mask is 2-3 times a week.
Many masks help to nourish the natural hair and hair follicles with nutrients, thereby activating the "sleeping" hair follicles. Effective hair growth masks can be found at the Garnier and Collistar product lines.

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