Nutree Cosmetics - Mar 1, 2023

Suitable even for pregnant women: Amazonliss Vegan Care 

Pregnancy is definitely one of the most (if not the most) amazing and magical periods of woman’s life. We know that each lady wants to look her best throughout this period, however, not all treatments and products are safe for a baby. Of course, baby health is #1 priority in any case, however, there is a great way to keep your hair amazing all 9 months long without worrying about the treatment safety…

Amazonliss Vegan Keratin treatment is exactly what you need as your ultimate haircare routine during pregnancy! This is a 100% cruelty-free vegan kera therapy which is suitable for pregnant women and complete safe for your baby, as there are no chemical ingredients that can be even potentially dangerous! 

Nutree Amazonliss Vegan Care

Coconut oil in Vegan Care composition can make your hair much smoother and silkier, eliminating the cause of hair breakage. Besides, Vegan Care Hair Treatment Set was created with Go Green technology through advanced extraction technique. Vegan Care respects both nature and your beauty. What’s more, this set not only makes your locks super sleek, shiny, and healthy but provides scalp care as well!

Keratin complex treatment which is 100% safe both for you and baby - isn’t it a dream?