Sustainability today isn’t a trend but a way of life. As a famous beauty producer, Nutree is well-aware of acute ecological problems, thus we do everything we can for our production to be as safe for nature as possible.

Do you know that Earth is literally drowning in plastic? We produce so many single-use items that it’s hard to image the overall amount of plastic on our planet now. As a sustainable brand, Nutree Professional wants you to know that all our packaging, including bottles and jars, is recyclable! By the way, how can you tell if the packaging is recyclable after all?

Pay attention to special recycling symbols! There are many on-pack recycling labels (OPRL). Among them are “Widely recycled”, “Check local recycling”, “Not currently recycled”, “Widely recycled at recycling points – check locally for kerbside”, etc. If you don’t know what symbols on the package mean, feel free to use the internet or ask the shop assistant for help.
The future of our planet is within our hands. Let’s spread sustainable beauty in the world and let everybody know that beauty nowadays should ONLY be eco-friendly and cruelty-free!

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