Are you a fan of Star Wars? We definitely are! This worldwide famous franchise has millions of fans across the globe. We know that so many girls we trying to copy some looks from the movies, so today we will review the most iconic haircuts from these movies. Some of them can be easily done by you at home. So, are you ready?


  1. Do you remember the Alderaanian braid which was described in Claudia Gray’s book Star Wars: Leia, Princess of Alderaan. This hairstyle was the Princesse’s favorite hairstyle. As you can remember Alderaanian monarchs usually had their hair styled in braids, preferring them over any other hairstyle as a symbol of a family, nobleness, and traditions.


  1. Rey’s hairstyle with three knobs can be done by you at home. It looks very nice yet pretty unusual. Rey had her hair done like this because she needed nothing to get into her face, whether she’s scavenging for parts on Jakku or training on Ahch-To. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t give us an explanation of why she was wearing this hairstyle only, but perhaps it was connected with her being a kid since, in The Force Awakens, we see her in childhood with the same haircut.


  1. The braids which Jedi had.


In fact, this hairstyle will only suit a lady with thin and sculptural face features but it was very meaningful for the Jedi Order, representing your rank and loyalty to the Order.


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