Nutree Cosmetics - Jan 26, 2023

The best mask for grey hair - try Silver Bottox Expert!

Silver, platinum, ash, snow-white, "pepper and salt" — with age, our hair acquires the most noble shade. However, apart from color change, your locks inevitably change texture. It means that care for gray hair should be really special. How can you make the gray hair more saturated, avoid yellowness, and at the same time strengthen the curls along the entire length? Let’s find it our together in this article!

A special pigment melanin is responsible for the hair color. It’s produced by melanocytes, stem cells of hair follicles, and is evenly distributed in the cortex. Over the years, melanocytes start to produce less and less pigment. Usually white hairs appear after 35 years, however, each case is individual.

Silver Bottox Expert

With the disappearance of the pigment, gaps and voids appear in the hair structure. Thus, the locks often split, become wavy, less obedient. The work of the sebaceous glands also gradually weakens, and the produced amount of hair sebum is not enough to naturally protect the curls.

We recommend trying Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Gray Hair. This silver depositing hair mask will revive your gray hair accentuating noble platinum hair color!Our brand new mask for gray hair will give your locks a platinum shade as well restore them from the inside out. The protein in the composition of the mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture.

The amazing result will last for about 8 weeks.