Brunettes, 2020 spring-summer season offers you a great variety of different hairdo options! There are so many different styles, from bangs to loose beach waves. Let’s review the most trendy options right now!  


What about bangs? It’s the #1 trend of spring 2020! Choose elongated French bangs if you prefer a more elegant and feminine option. Super short option is also very hot this season. Choose it if you want to add some bold accent to your whole look.


Short haircuts are the hottest trend of spring-summer 2020. What about sexy Pixie haircut recommended by many celebrity hairstylists? If you prefer more classic options, pay attention to the bob style. The elongated options of these cuts will be trendy as well. 


Of course, we didn’t forget about the long-haired brunette beauties! For long hair and medium length hair, there are also many trendy options. The main key is naturalness. Don’t over-style your hair, forget about cheesy hair-sprayed locks from 2005. Pay attention to loose curls, like those which surfer girls have. You can also make a high ponytail or a shaggy bun. Be creative! No matter what haircut you choose, it should match your style and personality. Stay true to yourself, so you can always be beautiful, not just 2020 spring-summer!


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