Nowadays there are so many kinds of hair extending products that sometimes ladies just can’t choose the right one — each advertiser claims that their product is the best and most effective one. However, in many cases, such statements are nothing but marketing gags. Why should you believe that Nutree Length Extender Hair Mask will help your hair grow 4 inches longer in just 3 months? In this article, we’ll explain from scientific point of view!What makes a good product? Its components, of course! The key ingredients of our mask are peptides.Peptides are low-molecular weight fragments of protein molecules that are structural analogues of growth factors. After penetrating into the scalp, peptides come into contact with cellular receptors which perceive them as a wake-up call and respond with certain changes. Specialists started using peptides in fight against hair loss in the early 2000s.It’s important to mention that several types of peptides are used to fight alopecia. That’s why the innovative peptide complex for hair growth activation in Hair Extender Mask contains several types of peptides at once: - Octapeptide-2 activates the stem cells of hair follicles, stimulates their growth and division. - Decapeptide-25 provides stem cell reproduction, follicle growth, starts and prolongs the anagen phase, shortens the telogen phase. - Oligopeptide-110 suppresses the formation and release of the DKK1 signaling protein which is literally called "the killer of hair follicles", reversing the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia.By the way, did you know that peptides are much more effective in fighting hair loss than minoxidil? Products with this vasodilator indeed show results in some cases, however, when the person stops using the product, the problem returns and even worsens.Another important ingredient of the Nutree Length Extender Mask is burdock oil. Burdock oil has been used for haircare for centuries. It’s rich in vitamins and useful substances. They make your hair healthier and bring back its natural shine. The composition of burdock oil includes:• polyunsaturated fatty acids — palmitic, stearic and oleic;• B vitamins, which provide the hair with the necessary nutrition;• vitamins A and E that strengthen the structure of your locks;• nicotinic acid, which hydrates the hair and promotes its growth;• ascorbic acid, which helps to activate hair growth as well;• inulin, which creates a thin protective film on each thin hair and has scalp-treating properties.Burdock oil can be used in order to fight many hair-related problems. Seborrhea, hair loss and dryness, excessive sebum production and slow hair growth — all these can be fixed with burdock oil!Here it is! We hope that now you see that the amazing result that we promise isn’t just a trick but a real thing behind which there are ages of hard work for the sake of your hair beauty!

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