It’s not a secret that making up a ponytail can be hard, especially when it comes to volume: it often happens that a voluminous ponytail is just a dream, as many ladies don’t know how to make it. Luckily, we’re here to share with you some little secrets on how to make your ponytail voluminous, keep on reading!
1. Backcomb your hair. Of course, do it carefully in order for your actions not to become a cause of hair damage! This trick works if you have both long and short hair, which is good news!
2. Make nice curls. Curly hair always looks much more voluminous than straight. Be sure to set the right temperature for your curler! Besides, don’t forget to use hair smoothing and straightening treatment as a protective agent!
3. Use special hair scrunchies. You may be surprised but there are some special smart scrunches, so-called volumizers, that lift your ponytail making it visually look much more voluminous!
Voluminous hair doesn’t mean messy hair, thus, we recommend you use Amazonliss Magicliss Spray! It’s the perfect choice for unruly, curly, and dry hair. The product smoothes the hair, making combing easier. Among the ingredients are proteins and tannins that provide conditioning action. Sounds like worth trying, isn’t it?

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