Most often, salon owners worry about how to attract new customers and turn them into loyal ones. However, today we want to talk about some secret tools that both attract new customers and retain them at the same time. Keep on reading and find out more!
First of all, ask yourself a question: what else can you surprise with and how can you keep the client? For example, you can do the following things:
- come up with an unusual advertising format for potential clients;
- offer your clients some new products and procedures such as keratin hair straightening or Brazilian hair treatment;
- open up to clients not as just a professional, but as an interesting person as well;
- always keep in touch with customers, even when they’re not in the salon.
What kind of advertising materials do you see and use most often? Among them are flyers, Internet advertising, regular partnership offers, contests, promotions, discounts, etc. People are already used to all these things and don’t find them appealing anymore. So how can you stand out from your competitors?
Your ads can have a more beautiful and expensive design, you can write fewer words in order for your offer to be better memorized by customers. However, in order to stand out, you can either make ads better than your competitors or do it in a brand new way.
Become more trustworthy
People buy something either under the influence of emotions or if they trust in what they buy. When the client will have a certain level of trust in you, he will come in order to receive the service, for example, keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment.
Be in touch with the client
Loyalty is nothing more than constant contact with the client. It’s maintained only through contact. For example, if you open a nice branded salon, but don’t advertise it, then after a while everyone will forget about it. We are forced to advertise to stay in touch with customers.

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