If, after using keratin for straightening the hair, there is no improvement and instead, you observe a deterioration, in 90% of cases the reason for this is because of an error during the procedure.

After application, the keratin must be “sealed” with an ironing device at a temperature of 450

°F (230°C). If the hairstylist has applied too little keratin composition or did it unevenly along the length of the strands, then such temperatures will burn the hair itself. In such cases, instead of being restored, the hair will be even more traumatized.

If, after keratin straightening, the hair becomes “oily”, and quickly becomes dirty with an accompanying loss in observed volume, then the procedure is being performed technically incorrectly.

The most important thing in this procedure is carefully performing the instructions step-by-step. The result of the procedure largely depends on how many times the operator has walked the iron on each strand of hair. In some cases, it is necessary to process a strand 4-5 times, but if the curls are too tight and elastic, you may need to repeat this 8-10 times. Each case must be assessed on its own merit.


  • LiniPraveen said:

    After the keratin treatment, the first wash was done at the parlour. After the second wash a week later it curled as soon as I did it. Gone is the glow. What do I do next?

    February 11, 2024

  • Ann clarke said:

    I had my hair straightened using your products at my hairdresser in Bribie Island.

    First was 6 weeks ago. After washing my hair for the first time my hair was still curly.
    Went back last week to have procedure again. After first wash my hair still has the curl. ( I don’t have tight curls – more of a loose curl & wavy around neck area ).

    Any advice greatly appreciated. I don’t want it reapplied any time soon as I don’t want to damage my hair )

    Kind regards

    January 11, 2024

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