As a professional hairstylist, you should recommend to your clients what they should do with their hair at home. However, this can be a little bit confusing, as home haircare isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Check out this article in order to know what to start with!
1. Choose the right shampoo for your client. Home hair care is very important, especially when it comes to blondes and clients who do keratin treatment. Their shampoo should be created either exclusively for blonde hair or be sulfate-free which is suitable for both cases.
2. Recommend your client to use a hair conditioner after each hair wash. Many women don’t use the hair conditioner, but this is a big mistake. Moisturizing is what hair needs the most, especially in wintertime. The best option is when the shampoo and the conditioner are of the same brand.
3. Choose a violet shampoo for blonde clients. As a rule, they have to use it every week or two in order to avoid nasty brassy shades.
4. Recommend your clients to use a nourishing hair mask. It will not just deeply moisturize their hair but prevent the hair color from washing off.
5. Recommend only professional hair care product lines. We know that plenty of women use regular shampoos, balms, conditioners that can be bought in every supermarket. However, that’s wrong. Cheap hair care products don’t contain ingredients that are necessary for hair nutrition.
6. Remind your clients of the rebook. Home treatments are always important but they can’t replace professional salon procedures that can be performed only by a hairstylist. Root dyeing should be performed once 1 -1,5 months, keratin treatment once 2-4 months, other haircare procedures - about once 1 - 1,5 months.

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