How to get perfectly smooth and shiny hair, which has long been the hallmark of Kim Kardashian?

Beautiful hair is first and foremost healthy hair. According to statistics, the first sign of possible health problems we can see in the skin and nails - and only in the last turn hair. Therefore, if the strands become dull and lifeless, they have lost their healthy lustre and elasticity, it's time to consult a doctor to get a routine examination - perhaps the problem here is not the lack of proper care, but the internal malfunction of the body.

Kim cannot imagine her life without nutritive oils and regenerating masks. In addition, she tries to wash her hair no more than once every two days, so as not to wash off the natural lipids that are responsible for the natural shine of the strands.

Do not forget to use thermal protective agents, if you often dry your hair with a hair dryer and put it in curling irons. Indelible biphasic elixirs and sprays that need to be applied after washing to the hair are wrung out with a towel along the entire length best suited. In addition to protection, they also give hair shine and silkiness, as is the case with Kim Kardashian.

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