Instagram is the perfect platform for promoting a beauty salon. The main pool of users on this social network is women from 15 to 50 years old – this is the target audience of the beauty business. Such women love beautiful photos and videos and are willing to spend money on the most effective procedures such as keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment. 

However, the competition on Instagram is great: both federal beauty salon networks with large budgets and individual entrepreneurs working from home have the same Instagram business profiles. All of them fight for the client's attention and money.


What are the top-5 tips that will help your account to stand out?


The content of the beauty salon's Instagram account is based on the demonstration of the stylists’ work. The pictures should show the process and result, stylists and models, salon atmosphere, and products used, for example, keratin shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget about videos: Instagram users find them much more amusing than regular pictures.


You should have a strong and well-prepared team in order to generate this amount of content. It’s good if the team includes both the management of the beauty salon and the SMM agency.

Advertising and KPI

The key indicators of the account promotion effectiveness are clicks on the link in the profile header. Using metrics on the website, you can track how many people clicked on a specific ad and were redirected to your Instagram account.


Since people visit a beauty salon for a makeover, the purpose of photos and videos is to make a potential client want to say “I want the same makeover!” Aesthetic appeal, professionalism of the team, and compliance with fashion trends - these are the criteria for the Instagram content.


It’s worth paying special attention to “wow content”. Check out trends for the upcoming seasons in terms of creative hairstyles.

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