The brand new product for your shiny, light and healthy hair! No pre-washing is needed anymore! Created with new technology, our product was made using the advanced extraction technique. It’s totally eco - friendly, absolutely safe for your hair physiology and hair scalp. Among the ingredients are the blend of sealant resins and lactic acid. Working together, they make the cuticular surface smooth and even. Besides, they provide conditioning effect and literally seal your hair for it to be smooth and healthy.



 • Best moistening and nourishment 

 • Protection from super high temperatures 

 • The effect lasts 16 weeks 

 • Works on all hair types

Three step technology:

Step 1. Shampoo. It’s totally eco - friendly and absolutely safe. Among the ingredients are concentrated bio-nutrients, which are phospholipids, glycolipids, phytosterols. Besides, our product contains vitamin F, which is very important for healthy hair hydration. 

Step 2. Reducer fluid. This product is a complex one. It makes your hair shiny, smooth, hydrated and eliminates the frizz at the same time.

Step 3. The Intensive Repair Mask. Get the 100% hydration and softness just using this product. 


  • Pablo Gomez said:

    Cuando estará disponible para su compra? Y cuál es el precio,Gracias!

    February 18, 2020

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