The health of hair, nails, and skin is affected by poor ecology, unbalanced nutrition, and the active life tempo. Quite often the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body affects the beauty of hair. Which vitamins are worth taking? Keep on reading and find it out!The most essential vitamins for hair beauty are the following:Vitamin A eliminates dandruff, fights hair loss, prevents early skin aging, makes hair more elastic. Vitamin E improves the structure of nails and hair, normalizes blood circulation, which stimulates active nutrition of the hair follicles. Vitamin PP stimulates hair growth. Vitamins of B group deserve special attention:- B2 - provides normal nourishment to the hair shafts, prevents split ends.- B5 - normalizes blood circulation and the work of the sebaceous glands, nourishes the hair follicles, prevents the appearance of premature gray hair;- B6 - stimulates metabolism, accelerates hair growth, eliminates inflammation, and restores damaged strands;- B7 or biotin - a source of sulfur, which is involved in the production of collagen, fights hair loss and eczema;- B9 or folic acid - stimulates the formation of new cells, speeds up metabolism, normalizes the work of blood vessels;- B12 - makes hair shiny and thick.In order to make your hair truly healthy, you should remember that helping hair from the outside is not less important than from the inside! Choose Blonde Bottox Hair Expert Purple Toning Mask that will make your blonde hair even more gorgeous than it is! A unique formula combining Marine Collagen and Glutamic Acid with the Power of Almond Oil provides a long-lasting blonde balance, promoting platinum effect, deep hydration, and smoothing effect.

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