It’s generally accepted that hair loss is a men’s problem, but women can also suffer from it. Let's see why women lose hair and how to deal with it, keep on reading!
First of all, you have to find out if hair loss is a pathology. We lose up to a hundred hairs a day, and this is considered the norm. Experts suggest you make a simple test: check if there is a white knot at the end of the thin hair that has fallen out. If there isn’t any, then you don't have to worry about your hair falling out. If there is, then don’t wash your hair for two or three days, and then pull the hair at the crown of the head and the temples. Are there more than five thin hairs left in your hands? Then it’s worth visiting a trichologist. In any case, only a specialist will be able to give you an exact answer whether it is worth worrying about half loss or is it a natural process.
Hair loss reasons:
- genetic predisposition;
- the action of harmful chemicals, radiation - hair loss often occurs after chemotherapy in the treatment of oncology;
- autoimmune diseases;
- gastrointestinal tract diseases;
- impaired blood circulation of the scalp and cervical spine;
- the development of infections, parasites;
- operations and injuries;
- unhealthy diets;
- lack of vitamins in the body;
- severe stress, depression;
- long-term use of medicines.
1. Try Amazonliss Hairloss Control.
Its composition includes Biotin, which both cares for your hair scalp and prevents hair loss and dandruff. Bio Vegetal Complex regulates the sebaceous gland function and activates the cellular metabolism, which contributes to hair growth.
2. Reconsider the way you live.
Stress, lack of sleep, bad habits, junk food — all these factors lead to hair loss. If you don’t change the way you live, don’t expect some magic product to help you.
3. See the doctor. Sometimes the reason for hair loss is much more profound and serious than we think it is.

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