What if just a year ago somebody told you that your favorite keratin treatment would be produced in the form of liquid gel? We guess, you won’t believe that person, however, here it is, our gel keratin. Why does it have such a consistency? Let’s find it out in this article!

Everything is very simple. Our Pro-Keratin Conditioning Gel Water acts like a soft acidulant, with chelating properties, buffering agents acting in the protein fibrillar alignment, providing glow and softness, promoting significant smoothing action of the cuticular surface.

There are two main reasons of such a liquid consistency:

 - easier application. Our gel keratin is much easier to apply on wet hair for further steps. Gel consistency is smooth and liquid which makes distributing the product along your hair much more convenient! 

 - MUCH more hydration. Under “much more” we mean 10x more hydration! That’s why our liquid keratin is suitable for very dry hair. It provides ultimate hydration for bleached, dyed, or severely damaged hair. 

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