Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 04 2022

Why is winter haircare important? 

Winter hair care is not the same as summer or autumn-spring hair care. Frost, cold wind, isolated rooms with constant heating, and drastic temperature changes: all these factors negatively affect our hair health.

The influence of the weather and the lack of nutrients can lead to a nasty feeling, as if the scalp is literally drying out and lacks hydration. Hair in winter becomes weakened, brittle, thinning, it often looks dull and lifeless, becoming a real concern to many ladies.

Nutree Amazonliss Pro Keratin Gel

There are several reasons of why we should provide the proper hair care in winter. The first and most obvious is that cold temperatures outside and dry indoor air weaken the hair and make it brittle and dull. Wearing hats leads to the constant hair static. Besides, don't forget that in winter we get less vitamins, which also negatively affects the condition of the locks.

That’s why we recommend you try our most moisturizing haircare line which is Pro Keratin. This collection is one of the most innovative out of all that we have, besides, it’s suitable for all hair types! Pro Keratin Anti-Frizz Mask has a conditioning and anti-frizz action, providing detangling effect and ultra-hydration of hair.

Pro Home Care including shampoo and conditioner helps to prevent hair breakage, provides anti-frizz action, and helps to prolong the effect of Pro Keratin mask.

Moisturized and protected hair - that’s your ultimate goal for this winter, achieve it with Nutree Cosmetics!