Unfortunately, only a few people think that the first step to healthy, strong, and beautiful hair is proper scalp care. Here's why you need a special comb and how to use it!

Each woman has several hair brushes, well, at least two of them: one is a regular brush for daily hair combing, and the second one is for styling. Still, sometimes women carry a compact hairbrush in their purse. If you do it too, be careful: this brush should have a special case, otherwise, the brush teeth break. Such brush can become a cause of hair breakage!

If you are truly concerned about the health and beauty of your natural hair, then you need to have a special massage brush.

Why Massage Brush Is So Important

When we use a massage brush, blood flow improves, which allows the scalp to receive more oxygen and nutrients. This stimulates the hair follicles, heals and improves the appearance and condition of the hair, preventing the appearance of dead hair ends.

The massage brush is intended not only for the scalp but also for the hair.  Therefore, it should be chosen with care, focusing on the type of hair you have. That's why we recommend you try the amazing Dyson hairbrush. That’s an innovative brush with an antistatic effect that facilitates hair combing and reduces hair damage. Dyson brush + Nutree Bottox expert = love and care for your hair!

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