Hair botox vs keratin

Both keratin and hair botox are effective hair treatment procedures that deliver excellent results. They make the hair shiny and vibrant and remove frizz. Thanks to these procedures, your hair becomes smooth and silky and you can minimize time on styling.

Keratin treatment works best when your aim is to straighten the hair. This stands true even for the most “hard” and frizzy types of hair. At the same time, hair botox has powerful restorative properties. It does strengthen the hair but it will not straighten it. For those of us with curly hair botox can deliver beautiful waves.

Since keratin is used primarily for hair straightening, it is not advised to apply it to the weak hair. In this case, botox treatment would be more appropriate as it nourishes and moisturizes the hair and prevents split ends.

This is the major distinction between these two types of hair treatments. Next, see which one will work just for you.

When Keratin treatment is best for you?

Go ahead if you have curly, unmanageable hair. Keratin will remove frizz and make your hair straight, shiny and silky. By the way, keratin prevents frizz even in the highly humid surroundings. However, it is not a great match for those having thin hair as well as the hair previously affected by chemical treatments.

When Hair botox is best for you?

Hair botox works well for all hair types, structures and colors. It would particularly benefit those struggling with split ends and frizz. Also, it is a good option for women with long hair.

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