Not just men face the problem of hair loss. Lots of women in the world suffer from such a problem too. Hair loss may start unexpectedly, making a woman insecure.
If you ever faced such a problem, you understand what we’re talking about. Check out our article and find out how to stop hair loss!
If you notice even the slightest signs of hair loss, you shouldn’t look for a "suitable" shampoo, it won’t help. Neither will do keratin shampoo and conditioner together with a keratin treatment or botox hair treatment. Besides, don’t rub into the scalp various ointments, purchased at the pharmacy or mixed according to folk recipes. You need to see a doctor. You can go to a therapist at the nearest clinic, or visit a trichologist, a specialist who deals with the problems of hair and scalp.
You have to understand the main thing: the condition of the hair is a reflection of the processes that occur inside the human body. Hair, teeth, and nails are kind of health indicators. If your start to have any problems, then you must look for their causes.
To determine the reason for hair loss, it is necessary to correctly make a diagnosis. Therefore, you have to contact a medical institution and undergo a medical examination, having passed the tests prescribed by the doctor. Firstly, a deficiency of certain vitamins and microelements can be a reason for hair loss.
Secondly, hair can fall out due to pathologies of the endocrine system, for example, thyroid diseases, problems with sex hormones. There can be many different reasons, so don’t self-medicate – visit a doctor!

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