Keratin Treatment Or Dye Hair First?

If you decide to do a Keratin before coloring, the coloring pigments won’t stick to your hair properly. You should do Keratin Treatment before coloring. If you do coloring and later Keratin, you will get perfectly smooth shiny hair. If the sequence will be opposite, you will get the opposite result. 

Let’s find out why.

Keratin securely protects your hair from the damage and lots of negative effects of everyday life. Keratin simply won’t let the hair dye smoothly and evenly cover your hair. Of course, nobody wants to ruin the hair with a dye. In order to avoid it choose only the high - quality dyes!

The natural hair that has never been dyed before, having no coloring residue is the most suitable for dyeing. This way your hair will absorb all dye. No Keratin should be done before coloring! Don’t worry about the state of your hair before and after the coloring - hairstylists use lots of treatment procedures and products before and after the coloring, so your hair won’t be damaged. 

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