A professional formula guarantees restorative properties and a lasting smooth effect

A professional formula guarantees restorative properties and a lasting smooth effect. It’s essential to understand that with keratin straightening, you’re not just buying a visual transformation but also an accompanying restoration of hair structure. The worth of an effect that turns dry, damaged hair into restructured, perfectly straight, elastic, and silky smooth locks is immeasurable.

The risk of damaging the structure and getting unexpected results is high due to countless offers of cheap alternatives. The rising popularity of this trendy procedure has led to numerous fakes in the mass market, which are not only ineffective but also contain harmful compounds. Suspiciously low prices and unusual sales forms should raise alarms. The cost of ingredients, complexity of production technology, promised efficacy, manufacturer’s location, distribution to the consumer, including customs and transport expenses, all reflect on the price for a worthy result. In reality, no one wants to buy a dud.

Choose only verified products from a known manufacturer. Our official site provides original, certified, high-quality products. The Brazilian brand focuses on formulas with beneficial substances and a high dose of high-quality keratin with its unique ability to penetrate deep into the cortex. The company has perfected its technologies to meet all safety standards and has reached its peak in this method. The entire range of Brazilian straightening products is highly effective, eco-friendly, aesthetic, and safe.

One of the strongest developments of Nutree Professional in the global market is the innovative keratin straightening procedure based on acai berries, offering a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals known to science. The rich formula is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, and a complex of restorative proteins.

The procedure provides regeneration, natural care, molecular-level restoration, and straightening without damaging the hair structure. This progressive, effective formula replenishes lost natural keratin as the hair’s native protein, restoring strength, durability, and adding shine. The procedure maintains a uniform structure, impeccable mirror smoothness, dazzling shimmer, and extra volume for a long time. The aesthetic effect is resilient, elastic, vibrant hair that looks luxurious, natural, and expensive.

True value for keratin straightening lies in the authenticity of the product

Keratin is a protein that is an important part of our teeth, skin and hair. It is robust and versatile. Keratin is used to restore damaged or broken hair, keratin is vitally important for maintaining strong and healthy hair.

La línea Amazonliss Home Care combina el poder antioxidante de Aai y Cacao, ambos extractos de Amazon Brasil en un tratamiento ultra nutritivo que prolonga el efecto suave y deja el cabello increíblemente fuerte, brillante y suave.

Keratin serves important structural and protective functions, particularly in the epithelium. Some keratins have also been found to regulate key cellular activities, such as cell growth and protein synthesis

Is keratin good for your hair? Sure! There are some benefits of Hair Keratin Treatment:

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Smooth hair up to 3 months

Easy and safe application

Improving hair texture

Anti-frizz effect

NO Formaldehyde!

Shine, glossiness and smoothness

You need keratin if:

Do i need keratin treatment for my hair?

1. You spend a lot of time styling your hair
2. Your curls are very fluffy
3. Your hair is frizzy when it rains
4. Your hair looks damaged
5. You have a tangled hair
6. You want to get rid of the static hair
7. You want straight hair or get rid of curls
8. You want shiny, glossy hair

If you answer 'YES' to most of these questions, then it is time to use keratin treatment

Made to work on all hair types

From curly hair to stick straight, Amazonliss is suitable & beneficial for all hair types.

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