Keratin treatment is one of the most effective keratin treatments in the world and that’s definitely for a reason: this magical treatment makes your hair shiny, obedient, thick, and absolutely straight! In this article, we just remind you of the top-5 reasons why you should choose keratin hair treatment as your #1 haircare procedure!

1. Amazing shine. Keratin hair treatment makes your hair incredibly shiny. Forget everything you saw on TV screens – your hair will be so much better than this!

2. Hair strengthening. Molecules of keratin penetrate your hair and fill in the voids, completely restoring your hair structure. As a result, your hair becomes thick and strong.

3. Hair color protection. If you performed hair dyeing 2 weeks before keratin hair treatment, then the thinnest keratin film on your hair will protect the hair color from washing away.

4. Anti-frizz effect. Of course, we have nothing against curls but only if they don’t become a source of problems for their owners. Frizzy hair can often be dry and unruly. Keratin hair treatment will make it absolutely straight and sleek!

5. Durability. This procedure has an accumulative effect, i. e. if you perform it regularly, the effect can last up to 6 months!

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