At the moment hair beauty market has finally revived after the coronavirus, thus, lots of new products appeared. Apart from the best hair treatments for damaged hair such as keratin hair treatment and botox hair treatment, you can choose any of the new products aimed at hair protection, strengthening, and elasticity!
Long hair is an essential part of women’s beauty and a problem at the same time. As a rule, such hair is difficult to comb, it quickly loses its shine and thickness, especially at the dead hair ends. To solve these problems, we recommend you to try the Serie Expert Pro Longer, using which you won’t need to choose between the length and quality of your natural hair. The new product line was created based on the patented filler-A100 technologies. There are two active components: phyloxane and polyquaternium PQ6. The first ingredient works from hair root to tip to nourish and fill in damaged areas. Thanks to the positive charges of polyquaternium PQ6, the second component forms a protective layer and strengthens the hair.
Aldo Coppola
The beauty centers will not only do your hair and offer luxurious care but also individually select hair products developed by the brand's specialists. For example, owners of sensitive scalps who suffer from itching and feeling of tightness will like a popular product at Aldo Coppola which is myrtle shampoo from the Mediterranean Complex product line. Its formula includes a natural active complex of oils, extracts of Mediterranean fruits and plants, as well as white sugar which has moisturizing properties. For dull, dyed, and heat-damaged hair, we recommend trying an intense shine mask lotion from the same product line. Its key component is mallow extract, which softens the hair, restores its structure, making it soft and shiny.

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