Everyone knows about age-related skincare changes. Skincare at 40 years old fundamentally differs from what it was at 20. This also refers to your hair. With age, its structure changes significantly: the age manifests itself not only in the form of gray hair, but also in dryness, fragility and even hair loss. How can you stop hair aging and preserve the beauty of your locks for as long as possible? We’ll tell you about all these things in today’s article, check it out!
With age, hair care should be more comprehensive and aimed at moisturizing and protecting the locks. Your simplest haircare routine should consist of shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and a high-quality moisturizing mask that you should use at least once a week. 
After 40 years, the female body produces less estrogen, which has a great impact on the body and on the hair life cycle as well. It seems that during this period your hair doesn’t grow at all, you may even think that you suffer hair loss. However, in fact your hair just grows more slowly. In this case, it’s better to pay attention to professional care series that stimulate hair growth. We recommend you consulting trichologist before using such products!
Gray hair dictates its own terms of care. Such locks are pretty tough and dry, they often look lifeless and dull. Our brand new Silver Bottox Expert is definitely worth trying! The protein in the composition of the mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture! The therapeutic results are long-lasting, for up to 8 weeks! Each hair strand will be deeply restored.

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