Due to the structure peculiarities (loosely and unevenly located cuticle scales), curly hair is drier than straight, it absorbs moisture worse, and tends to break off. Therefore, curly hair care is primarily based on sufficient hydration and deep nutrition of frizzy locks. What should you do in order not to face any troubles with curly hair routine? Find it out in this article!
In order to improve the condition of the curly hair, pay attention to special hair care products. They should include components for nutrition, strengthening, moisturizing the frizzy hair and normalizing the work of sebaceous glands. Thus, choose products that contain:
- natural oils – almond, shea, jojoba, burdock;
- herbal extracts and decoctions – nettle, calendula, oak;
- ceramides, phospholipids.
We recommend you dye curly hair in hair salons using sparing hair dye. One week before and after dyeing, you should perform a course of restorative procedures: apply homemade or professional masks, do a head massage. It’s also important to use a sulfate-free shampoo - it’s more sparing for curly hair than a regular one, preventing your locks from drying out.
We also recommend you try the brand new Amazonliss Pro-Keratin Conditioning Gel - Professional Moisturizing Gel Keratin.
The gel formula is a brand new formula of keratin developed exclusively by Nutree. It provides 10 times more hydration! The gel keratin was developed with Balsamic Blend Poli-Hidroxi-Acids source, in special Gluconolactona, with high content of organic acids, natural antioxidants with intense retexturizing action from capillary fiber rebalancing the pH and sealing the hair cuticles.

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