We guess that almost every owner of a beauty salon is familiar with the situation when an important event is approaching or there is an unexpected influx of clients, however, there are just a few stylists, because leading specialists are absent due to participation in a competition or advanced training courses (dedicated to keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment, for example). To prevent such situations, we recommend you keep a marketing calendar for the beauty salon.
The concept of a marketing calendar implies a list of important events and events timed to specific dates. The main purpose of the marketing calendar is to solve all important annual strategic tasks aimed at the development of the salon in an optimal way. Besides, a marketing calendar helps the salon head and administrator to clearly see the goals, ways, and means of achieving them and not to forget about the timing of the planned plans.
Thanks to the marketing calendar, you will be able to organize the activities of your stylists as efficiently as possible. Your workers are the direct executors of all activities aimed at improving the work of the salon, don’t forget it! The marketing calendar for the beauty salon should be drawn up based on the annual marketing plan.
The calendar may include:
- printable advertising;
- outdoor advertising;
- direct mailing of advertisements via mail (the so-called direct mail);
- media advertising (TV, radio and other types);
- planning and carrying out various events;
- ensuring and maintaining the reputation and image of the salon;
- drawing attention to business through social platforms (SMM);
- mobile marketing;
- Internet advertising;
- customer loyalty support.

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