The easiest way to increase your beauty salon's revenue is to increase your average check. Please note that the tools presented below aren’t effective here and now, however, if used correctly, they give a strong long-term result.
What are the tools to increase the average check:
1. Packing services in a selling price list. It will always work for the salon‘s benefit while the client interacts with it;
2. Bundling services (such as Kerstin hair straightening and blonde hair botox) to increase the check and cross-sell - this is associated with promotions, additional sales;
3. New client package.
Today in the article we will talk about the selling price list of a beauty salon, keep on reading?
Why do you need a selling price list?
- Correctly arranged price list turns into an additional seller. Without the help of a receptionist and stylists, the price-list sells services.
- Many regular customers may not know about the range of all the services of your salon. Don't wait for the client to want to go for a new service - tell him about it and offer it in your salon!
- If we talk about hair procedures and their names, then clients don’t always understand the names of services, and they are shy to ask.
Price list elements
Often the price list in a beauty salon is a table with the name of the services and prices. This gives the client an understanding of the price level but doesn’t give an understanding of what is included in each service.
The selling price list can be designed in two versions: a description of all services and a beautiful mini-brochure in the waiting area.
While the client is waiting for his stylist, he can see a beautiful brochure, instead of the usual magazines that are boring to everyone. While looking through it, a person gets acquainted with the procedures in clear, simple language. The essence of Brazilian keratin treatment can be explained in 1-2 sentences which will make the client want this procedure!
At first, the client may not sign up for the services you advertised. However, when the need arises, he will remember you and without the help of the receptionist, he will make an appointment.

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