For effective communication with potential customers, first of all, it‘s important to understand who the marketing activity should be arranged for. You should carefully study the main client segment of the salon and draw up portraits of the target audience. They represent the most detailed description of your average clientele. The portrait includes the following characteristics:
- gender, age;
- income level;
- social status;
- region of residence;
- basic hobbies;
- key needs and problems.
Online tools
1. Your website is a key tool for effective internet marketing. The majority of customer channels on the Internet are led exactly to the website. Here you can tell a potential client in detail about the benefits of your services such as hair smoothing and straightening treatment.
2. Search engine optimization of the site
The most promising tool for promoting your website is SEO. Website optimization allows you to increase its position among the search results.
3. Social networks are the most popular way of interacting with target audiences in the beauty field. Be active in social networks! It only takes a few minutes to create a salon page on Instagram or Facebook, and there are no additional costs.
4. Advertising on social networks
A social media account allows you to keep the audience's interest and increase its loyalty. However, to expand your reach, simply maintaining a page isn't enough. Targeted advertising is required.

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