Hair botox has become one of the most popular salon treatments in recent years. It’s a restorative procedure that will fully transform dull, dry, and damaged strands. Of course, hair botox is a popular hair care treatment in beauty salons. This procedure is in demand not only due to the amazing effect, but also because it allows you to safely preserve and improve your natural hair. Before coming to hair salon, some people believe that they have healthy and strong hair, however, after the treatment, they see that the condition of theit locks has improved significantly. It’s quite reasonable to have your first botox treatment done by a professional. The hairstylist first examines the condition of your hair before choosing the right composition that will suit all your hair needs. 

Be careful and consult your doctor (!) before performing the treatment if you’re pregnant. In the first trimester, it’s better to postpone hair botox due to changes in the hormonal background. The effect may not be what you initially wanted.

1) How to do a botox hair treatment at home

Don’t worry - you can easily perform botox hair treatment at home. All steps are pretty clear. First of all, let’s find out how you can prepare the hair. Before the procedure, you can cut off split hair ends. It’s not necessary to wash your hair, because you’ll do it at the begging of the treatment. At least 3 days before the procedure, you can perform hair dyeing if needed.

The amazing result is noticeable after the first procedure and lasts for 2-3 months. In order for the hair to always look perfect, be consistent and perform botox treatment regularly. With each new procedure, the effect enhances: your hair looks better each time you use hair botox again

2) Botox Treatment

Are you ready? Here we go! Be sure to put on gloves and get yourself a thin brush. Don’t apply hair botox on roots. Conduct allergy test before using

 - Shampooing. It’s the first essential step. Wash your hair with the anti-residue shampoo. This will make your hair absolutely clean of all impurities and hairstyle products.

 - Blow-Drying. Dry your hair by 80-100%. This will create a great base for the following steps.

 - Preparing the Botox. There are different types of hair botox. You can either use ready-made botox in the form of mask or botox that should be prepared by you right before application. You'll need to dilute the concentrate in water or mix a two-phase agent according to the instructions.

 - Mixture Application. Divide the hair into several (4-8) parts and apply the composition. Use a special brush and a wide-toothed comb.

 - Waiting. Leave the composition on the hair for 30-40 minutes. If you use special blonde hair botox, the longer you leave it on your hair, the more platinum your locks become

 - Washing. Rinse the hair, removing 80% of the composition. Don’t forget to leave enough product on your strands in order to flat-iron them. Fully dry your hair after washing it.

 - Flat-ironing. Divide your hair into several strands again. Flat-iron each strand 10-15 times according to the initial structure of your hair. The flat iron temperature should be about 380-450 °F. Choose the minimal temperature for weak, brittle, and blonde hair.

Here it is

3) How To Keep the Results

To enjoy the beauty of your hair for long, you should follow some simple recommendations.

 1. Protect your hair from prolonged exposure to moisture. Use a hairdryer after each hair wash. If it rains or snows, be sure to wear a hat.

 2. We recommend to wash your hair on the third day after the treatment so that the composition settled into your hair. Choose mild sulfate-free shampoos, as sodium sulfate destroys the protective botox coating.

 3. It’s better to give up daily hair washing. Wash your hair with cool water and don’t brush it if it’s wet — you can damage both the hair itself and its protective coating.

 4. Reduce the thermal effect, if possible, don’t use the flat iron or hair styler often.

 5. A few days after the procedure, additionally moisturize the hair with oil or a mask based on herbal ingredients.

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