Brazilian hair straightening treatment — isn’t it one of the most (if not the most) popular hair treatments in the world? Millions of ladies trust the unique Brazilian technique of hair straightening and receive the amazing results after each procedure! In this article, we’ll reveal literally every single thing you should know about this truly magical treatment, keep on reading! 

What is a Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment?

This treatment was created in Brazil at the beginning of the XXI century. Brazilian hair straightening was able to make perfectly smooth even the curliest and naughtiest hair. It was like a real haircare revolution. Soon, treatment started to be used all over the world, and the number of its fans rapidly grew every year

Keratin hair straightening is a temporary change in the structure of the hair caused by by specialized formulas with a high content of protein fibers of keratin. As a rule, keratin for hair straightening is of synthetic, not animal origin. The treatment was originally developed by specialists in the sphere of cosmetology to restore damaged and thin hair. Keratin is the main element of the hair. It’s one of the types of protein that is responsible for the hair structure. The lack of keratin leads to brittleness and dryness of your locks.

Among the many advantages of keratin hair straightening, the most important is its ability to make hair smooth without affecting it with poisonous chemical compounds. Besides, the procedure is suitable for any hair type as keratin straightens and restores both long, short, curly, thick and coarse hair. Besides, ladies often use keratin hair treatment when they want to revive damaged, dry, and fluffy, thereby restoring smoothness and shine of their locks.

How does Brazilian hair treatment work?

The essence of this method is the following: each thin hair is filled with keratin — a protein of a filamentous structure that strengthens the hair, makes it more strong, and elastic. The composition of a healthy hair is 9/10 keratin. The more keratin hair loses, the worse your locks look.

The work principle of keratin in this case is rather simple: particles of it penetrate deep into each thin hair, filling all the voids and damaged areas in it. After the procedure, your locks are fully restored, they get a healthy shine, become silky and incredibly strong. The keratin protective film protects your hair from the negative effects of external factors. However, in order for your hair to be always healthy, keratin hair straightening should be carried out regularly

The main feature of Brazilian keratin is that the hair straightening composition  contains not only keratin, but also natural oils of Brazilian plants (such as argan, coconut, cocoa, shea, jojoba), rich in vitamins and amino acids.

How is Blazilian hair straightening treatment performed?

Keratin hair straightening treatment can be easily performed either at the hair salon or by you at home. All steps are pretty clear:

  •  wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo, leave it on your locks for 5 minutes before rinsing;
  •  blow-dry your hair leaving it a little bit wet;
  •  divide your hair into several sections;
  •  apply smoothing treatment starting from the back of your head. Don’t apply the product on your hair roots. Use wide-toothed brush to distribute the product throughout the hair;
  •  blow-dry the locks using cold air stream;
  •  separate your hair into several strands again. Flat iron each strand 4-6 times, choose the right temperature;
  •  wash your hair once again, then apply repair mask and leave it for 10 minutes;
  •  blow-dry your hair again.

That’s it! Isn’t is super simple? However, remember, that in order for keratin to settle in your hair, don’t tie your locks or make ponytails/buns within 3 days after the treatment.

How much does Brazilian hair treatment cost?

There are different treatments on the market, and, of course, their prices may very greatly. Usually, keratin hair treatment costs $150-$300, depending on the product quality and the salon itself. However, isn’t it easier to get a home set and perform such a treatment MUCH cheaper? Let’s have a closer look!

You can buy a professional kit containing anti-residue shampoo, smoothing treatment, and repair mask. The set with 3 60 ml bottles will cost you about just $55, however, such volume will be enough to perform a full treatment (or even 2 of them if you have short hair) at home! 250 ml set will allow you to repeat the treatment for 5-8 times, and 1 l set ($260) will be enough for up to 25 amazing treatments! Isn’t it super advantageous? 

Hair Care after Brazilian Hair Straightening

Hair care after the keratin hair straightening should be carried out according to several simple rules. When washing your hair, you should use sulfate-free shampoos and revitalizing products (such as nourishing masks, balms, conditioners). Protect your locks from salty and chlorinated water. Besides, as we have already mentioned above, avoid tight hairstyles for 3 days, otherwise the keratin film will be destructed and the whole procedure will become just pointless. 

In the first three days after the procedure you shouldn’t:

  •  wash your hair and somehow wet it;
  •  use hairspray, styling foam or mousse;
  •  pin up hair and do hairstyles;
  •  use the sauna and swimming pool;
  •  use any heat devices.

Besides, it’s better to sleep on a pillow with a satin or silk pillowcase so that the scalp doesn’t sweat and your locks remain straight and crease-free.

Further haircare after keratin straightening isn’t difficult either. For shampooing and styling, use only products that don’t contain sodium sulfate, since this substance can damage keratin film. When washing your hair, it’s necessary to lather only the root zone as the ends of the hair will be cleaned with flowing water.

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