In autumn, our hair faces different problems: temperate drops, high humidity, strong wind. However, static electricity caused by synthetic or wool hats and scarves seems to be the most annoying autumn hair issue ever. However, you can easily get rid of static hair with the help of Amazonliss Tanino

This one step keratin treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free and is suitable mostly for thin and wavy hair. The key benefit of Tanino is the full elimination of hair static! Besides, this treatment provides deep hydration, shine and obedience of your locks. Isn’t it what you’ve always dreamed for? Besides, you won’t need to use a flat iron which is great as well because after super hot summer our damaged hair literally needs some rest! You’ll only need a blow dryer and a brush to perform this amazing treatment/

The key ingredient of this product is tannins, which originated from Tamarindus. Tamarindus is a leguminous tree, indigenous to tropical Africa. Tannins are beneficial in many ways; they treat, moisturize, and protect hair.

There’s one more important point of Amazonliss Tanino. It’s not allergic and won’t cause irritation or itchy eyes while using. The effect of Amazonliss Tanino lasts up to 3 months.

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