Brunettes, brunettes, brunettes! We can literally sing you a million odes, however, isn’t it better to give you just one single product that will change your hair game and your hair color for good? Yes, we mean Brown Bottox Expert!

Isn’t it hard to make the luxurious chocolate shade stay? Such a vivid color pretty often washes off, besides, heat devices, tap water, stress and bad ecology also do no good to the vividness of your hair color and the state of your locks in general. That’s why Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Dark Brown Hair will be a real salvation to all of your hair problems

This professional color depositing mask can help your hair to become amazingly shiny and obedient! Marine Collagen and Almond Oil work in a synergy to penetrate even the deepest layers of your hair, restoring your locks from the inside! This natural mask contains a blend of highly nourishing ingredients that enrich your hair with vitamins without weighing it down. Your hair color is protected and your locks are deeply restored! 

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