Women throughout the ages have always loved changing their hair color, accentuating their unique looks with the new shades. However, just several decades ago hair dyeing was quite a dangerous treatment that almost always had negative impact on ladies’ locks. Luckily, now we have keratin treatment which will always save our hair even if something went wrong. In this article, we’ll reveal you all peculiarities of using keratin treatment together with hair dyeing, keep on reading! 


 1. Keratin treatment or Hair Dyeing? Choose Your Color First 

One has to remember that right after the keratin hair treatment, locks shouldn’t be subjected to any physical and chemical influences. You can't wash your hair, do hairstyles, use heat-devices. If you break this rule, there will be no expected result. Performing keratin treatment on colored hair is considered a more favorable option. With the help of keratin straightening, the color will be sealed inside the hair and its vividness will last longer.

However, in this case there are some peculiarities. If you want to dye your hair in any dark shade, then at least 10 days should pass before keratin. If you want to  achieve light shades, then the keratin straightening procedure can be carried out no earlier than 20 days later. After highlighting, you’ll have to wait for 30 days in order to safely perform keratin hair treatment. We recommend choose ammonia-free hair dyes.

If you don’t violate the time period between procedures, the result will surprise you. The hair dye won’t do much harm to the hair. At the same time, keratin will help your new hair color to look more intense and impressive.


 2. Why Keratin Can Mess Your Hair Dyeing?

Some ladies claim that keratin treatment can literally “eat out” the fresh hair dye. For example, ladies who dyed their hair in dark shades and then performed keratin treatment right after that often say that their locks become dull and their hair color started to look dirtier and brassier

In order understand how these treatments get along with each other, it’s important to know the work principle of each of them.

So, keratin restores the structure of the hair shaft. Thanks to it, curly hair straightens, unruly locks become smooth and neat. The hair dye acts the opposite. Its task is to make the hair more rough and open up hair cuticle, so that the color can penetrate as deeply as possible and stay for a long time. Therefore, it would be incorrect to say that keratin and hair dye don’t interfere with each other at all. It’s obvious that it’s not worth doing these procedures one after another: a particular time interval between them is needed.

The thing is to wait the required amount of time after the hair dyeing. The amount of keratin right after hair dyeing can significantly decrease if you don’t take a full break between procedures. Besides, the pigment will be distributed along the hair length unevenly, because it won’t be able to smoothly penetrate the structure of the hair due to the keratin. Choosing between hair coloring before keratin treatment and after it, you should stop at the first option. According to experts, it’s more effective and less risky


3. What Happen If You Color Your Hair After Keratin Treatment?


The keratin straightening procedure acts on the hair structure in such a way that the cuticle scales are closed. In order to change the hair color, the hair cuticles must be opened as much as possible, which will be facilitated by the chemicals in the composition of the dye. Therefore, the perfect time for hair dyeing is not earlier than 3 weeks after the keratin treatment. After this time, the keratin layer will become more flexible and the hair scales will be ready to open up again.  Accordingly, if hair dyeing is done even later, the result will be better.


 4 Benefits of Keratin Treatment For Colored Hair

As you know, keratin hair treatment is aimed at treating and restoring hair.  Even the most lifeless strands will become healthy and shiny, because the procedure will help restore the natural keratin which is the "building material" of the hair. During the procedure, the composition with keratin is “sealed” in the hair structure under the influence of high temperature, from which the strands straighten, become smooth and shiny.

The main benefit of keratin treatment on colored hair is that it will help to keep the hair color fresh and vivid much longer. The  coloring pigment will be securely sealed inside the hair shaft, which will prevent it from washing out. Besides, there are several other benefits, among which there are the following:

  - hair is easy to style, become obedient and healthy;

  - even after aggressive chemical dyeing, the hair splits and breaks less, it’s protected from the aggressive environment and UV-rays;

  - Hair dries faster after washing.

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