Autumn and winter are two seasons when we often wear different hats made of wool, synthetic fabric, fur. However, it’s no secret that our hair becomes extremely electrified under all headpieces. What can you do in order to solve this issue? Find it out in this article!First of all, replace plastic brushes with silicone, carbon fiber, wooden, or ebonite ones with natural bristles (boar bristles are the best), or choose plastic options with an antistatic coating. Use thermal water as well! It will help quickly remove static electricity from your hair.Choose the right hat. In the cold season, you should definitely wear hats in order to protect your hair. However, constant friction against a hat, scarf, or hood creates static electricity in the hair, increases sebum production, and weakens the protective properties of the hair. Choose hat models made from natural wool and cashmere. Avoid synthetic fabrics. Try Amazonliss Magicliss Spray! It’s the perfect choice for hair that easily gets electrified. The product smoothes the hair, makes it more moist and obedient which is very important in the cold season. Among the ingredients are proteins and tannins that provide conditioning action. Sounds like worth trying, isn’t it?

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