Of course, we knew that Bottox Expert is a favorite haircare product of millions of ladies around the globe, however, we were extremely honored when found out that this mask was included in top-30 hair masks for dry and damaged hair according to the LUXYHAIR website!
Here’s what LUXYHAIR wrote about Bottox Expert:
“This expert formula is packed with all kinds of nourishing and hydrating hair ingredients, like marine collagen and almond oil. It goes right to the root of the problem by filling in individual strands, giving you a smoother and all-over glossier head of hair”.
Woohoo! We’re extremely happy when such reputable beauty sources notice our products, try them and see that they really work!
Bottox Expert:
• Restores damaged hair;
• Moisturizes and nourishes hair;
• Makes hair smooth, obedient, strong, and healthy for up to 2 months;
• Is a simple procedure with minimal expense.

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