It’s better to ask a client to fill in the questionnaire right after the visit and the performed procedure, for example, after a keratin hair straightening. However, you can send it to him via e-mail. In this case, you won’t have instant results. For those who haven’t yet practiced polling in the salon, we have prepared 13 questions that you can include in your client questionnaire!
If you understand that the client is in a hurry or simply doesn’t want to fill it out here and now, then offer to send the questionnaire by e-mail. You can also send a questionnaire to the loyal customer base. The advantage of e-mail polling is that it is unobtrusive. In a relaxed atmosphere the client can reflect on the questions and answers without feeling pressure from outside.
Here are the questions that can be included in the questionnaire:
1. How quickly did the receptionist answered all your questions?
2. Did your stylist manage to finish his work on time?
3. Do you think you received detailed advice before getting the service?
4. Did your stylist understand correctly what you want?
5. Did your stylist recommend home care products for silky hair during your visit?
6. Have you purchased any home care products from a salon?
7. Did your stylist tell you about promotions and services in the salon?
8. Did you like the receptionist service?
9. Are you planning to visit our salon again?
10. Have you asked the receptionist to book your next visit?
11. Would you recommend our salon to your friends and family?
12. Do you think the services provided were worth the money?
13. Share your overall impression of the salon

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