Summer means not only sea, beach, and fun but also the blazing sun that can severely damage your hair. If you don’t want to have dead hair ends and want to keep your natural hair shiny and healthy even in summer, then check out our top-6 hair products with UV protection!
1. Hair in the Sun sunscreen serum, Sachajuan
Enriched with proteins, seaweed extract, and panthenol, it envelops every hair with an invisible film, protecting it from UV rays. The product doesn’t weigh down the hair strands and helps to fix the hairstyle.
2. S20 Sun System sunscreen shampoo, Napura
For dyed and natural hair, before and after the sun - a mild shampoo with wheat proteins, papaya extract, meadowfoam seed oil can work at any time. Besides, it can be used daily.
3. Swimcap Treatment Mask for hair protection from the sun and seawater, Philip Kingsley
A water-resistant castor and olive oil formula originally developed for the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team. The product protects strands from the sun, and from the dehydrating effect of saltwater in the sea and chlorinated water in the pool.
4. SU Sunscreen hair milk, Davines
Light milk without sulfates and parabens enriched with UV filters and orange extract, prevents dry hair and makes it easier to comb. Apply the product to wet strands after washing, there’s no need to rinse your hair after that.
5. Huile-en-Brume Solaire SPF 30 sunscreen oil-spray for body and hair, Clarins
This oil can be applied to skin and hair without fear of feeling stickiness. It contains extracts of senna, sycamore, baobab, peas, aloe for the prevention of dehydration and photoaging.
6. Londa Professional Sun Spark Nourishing and Hair Protection Shampoo
Take a fragrant shampoo with mandarin extract and macadamia nut oil with you to your vacation and enjoy it by the seaside. The product will take care of the dyed strands, avoiding brittleness and dead hair ends.

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