Recently, the perfect customer service in beauty salons has become the main weapon of the competition war, since neither the variety of services nor high-quality equipment in a beauty salon can no longer attract and retain a sufficient number of customers.
Basic rules for good salon service
- The receptionist of a beauty salon must have versatile communication skills, general knowledge of psychology, knowledge of the sale of goods and services. If he does not have, for example, sufficient knowledge in the psychology of clients, then this can lead to sad results.
To evaluate a beauty salon from the perspective of a client, it is necessary to predict in what situations he will feel uncomfortable.
- It is necessary to properly organize the stylist’s workplace, only then his work will be fast and efficient, and the client will not be nervous about the surrounding mess. During keratin complex treatment it can be a little bit messy, so the space should be properly organized!
- The emotional atmosphere in the salon team and its consistency are of great importance. If the receptionist is annoyed, and the stylists are tired, then the customer will not want to come to this beauty salon again.
- It is necessary to clearly explain to the client the conditions for carrying out certain procedures, especially medical ones. The client must know exactly what consequences the procedures will lead to, and what he must do on his own after them. Offer a client home care after keratin treatment if he had such a procedure.

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