Apart from dead hair ends and heat-damaged hair, dandruff seems to be one of the most popular yet nastiest hair problems that many women face especially in autumn when it gets cold and murky. How can you get rid of dandruff in the fall? We have all the answers, keep on reading!
Big or small particles (so-called “flakes”) on the scalp are called dandruff. If there is a significant amount of it, particles fall on clothes and shoulders straight from the natural hair, which looks disgusting.
Possible reasons
Dandruff is not always a symptom of any disease. In some cases, it’s caused by a negative effect produced on the skin: this is an incorrectly selected shampoo, a non-balanced diet, sudden changes in ambient temperature (in autumn, for example), etc.
Among dandruff-provoking factors are stress, direct exposure to sunlight, the use of aggressive products for perm, and hair dyeing. In autumn dandruff appears due to sudden temperature changes. If you come into a warm room straight from the street if it’s cold outside, then the work of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, and as a result, dandruff appears.
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