We bet that this autumn season will be the trendiest autumn of all times! You can become a true star of this season if you just check out our top-5 trendiest hair color options of October-2021!
We hope that you remember a simple rule: your natural hair should be 100% healthy. No dead hair ends or heat-damaged hair! We recommend you to regularly perform any hair smoothing and straightening treatment such as keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment!
1. Dirty blonde.
Dirty blonde hair is a blonde hair color with light brown hues. The brown tones are usually wheat or cappuccino.
2. Smoky hair.
For those who are ready to stand out, there is a bright coloring option called "smoky hair". With it, the roots are darkened, but the whole hair length, on the contrary, is lightened, and then colored with the lightest gray-white shades.
3. Total blonde.
Now total blond is more popular than ever! Moreover, the lighter it is, the better. However, if you look at this trend more broadly, any shade of blond is trendy now, from dense to the most transparent and lightest.
4. Very dark blonde.
This shade will be perfect for those who want their hair to look natural. It’s also perfect for those who cannot decide what exactly they want because it is easy to transform this color into a blonde or darken it, for example, into a chocolate one.
5. Balayage.
This type of hair dyeing received this name for the way of applying hair dye. The stylist literally sweeps with a brush along individual hair strands. Separate curls become lighter along the entire hair length, while no foil or film is used, thus, the dye works in the open air.

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