Of course, bleaching and dying your hair in a beauty salon seems a much more attractive option, but just imagine how much time and money you can spend! Here are some ideas on how to make your hair lighter fast with the help of the sun, keep on reading!
- Do: examine your hair type. If you have dark hair, the result will be minor, so you’ll see just a slight shade change.
- Do: use lemon juice. The citric acid in it helps to make your hair lighter. Lemon juice and UV are a perfect combo to lighten your hair. Make up your lemon hair solution. Take fresh lemon juice and water in the ratio of 2:1 (two parts lemon juice to one part water). Mix them up. Apply this solution to clean dry (or slightly wet) hair. Be careful: lemon juice can because a cause hair breakage if used improperly!
- Do: use chamomile spray for dark hair. Just soak 2-5 chamomile tea bags in hot water depending on your natural hair length. Then pour the tea into the bottle and spray it all over your hair before leaving the house.
- Don’t use more lemon juice than we specified for the solution. Dead hair ends and brittle hair isn’t the result you’d like to achieve, right?
- Don’t use these means way too often. Always protect your hair with the help of the hair smoothing and straightening treatment.

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